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!canwecryFunAsk when we can cry.
!catjamEmoteGet those cats JAMMING!
!ccAdminActivate CrowdControl (if applicable)!
!childeSoundIs this a rare opportunity?
!dangerSoundAre you the danger?
!feelingitCheckerAre you feeling it?
!groovyCheckerSee you at the Groove Blender!
!holaEmoteIono says hola!
!itstimeFunMariah Carey screams "IT'S TIIIIME!"
!kirbydanceEmoteKirby Time!
!hypeEmoteHype in the chat!
!laylaEmoteSleepy Layla.
!lurkAdminLeave the light on when you leave your tab open.
!ohnoFunOh no!
!omgFunOh my god, I cant believe my eyes
!paimonEmoteHow's the weather out there?
!powerlevelCheckerWhat does the scouter say about your power level?
!quoteFunPick a random quote! Use "!quote add" to add a quote or "quote #" to find one.
!raidAdminGet ready to raid with our raid message!
!raidandrunFunUse this when a raid happens!
!sleepyCheckeryawn I'm getting sleepy...
!socialsSocialsFollow Hili on all the socials!
!soundSoundLove that sound!
!specsFunCheck out the specs of my PC setup!
!sphereEmoteEngage the Uncontrollable Sphere!
!spoonSoundSummon The Tick!
!spicyCheckerWhat's your spice level?
!stinksFunOh brother, this guy STINKS!
!styleCheckerHow fashionable are you today?
!subraidAdminGot a sub? Have a fancy raid message!
!sucroseEmoteS U C R O S E S U P R E M A C Y
!unlurkAdminWelcome back!
!woahFunBanjo goes WOOOAAAAHHH
!youwhatSoundYou WHAT?
!yumSoundyum _

How to Use Kirby Text-to-Speech!

Kirby will speak by either redeeming the Kirby Speaks point redeem or by using Bits. He will sound like Stitch by default, but if you want to learn how to make him sound like other folks, read on!1. Go to https://app.uberduck.ai/

2. Create an account and click on "Text-to-speech" on the left side.
3. Click on the dropdown menu under "Choose a voice" and pick a category! Then pick a character on the right.
4. Once you've picked a character, check the URL and copy the text after "&voice=" it MUST be the exact text for it to work.

EXAMPLE: If the text says "https://app.uberduck.ai/speak#mode=tts-basic&voice=lucas-mother-3" you would copy "lucas-mother-3"

5. In the point redeem or bits message, paste the text and add a semicolon : directly after it, and write your message! Then hit enter!

2 Year Streamaverseary!


Hihi! I’m Jakob or Hilijix (pronounced HILL eee jicks), but most call me Hili! I’m a Variety Content Creator that specializes in Nintendo games! I’m a mixed race Black/Chinese/Filipino man from San Diego, CA! Pronouns are he/him/they/them!Entering my third year of content creation, my theme is multiverse/crossover games! Any game that fits with travelling through worlds count!Ever since I was a kid, watching videos from early Youtube by Marriland and chuggaaconroy, I’ve always wanted to make my own videos of my favorite games.Streaming and creating content has been a wonderful journey, from winning a PC sponsored by Doordash to have gotten the chance to speak at TwitchCon 2023 about moderation!When I’m not streaming or editing videos I’m either listening to podcasts, working as receptionist for a local med spa, or learning to salsa dance. Thank you for checking out my Carrd and I hope to see you in chat or the comments!Favorite Food: Japanese Curry with a chicken cutlet and egg!Favorite Game: Too many to count but the Pokemon and EarthBound series are both some of my favorites!Favorite Drink: Cap n’ Crunch flavored Snow Bubble with Boba (sounds gross, but I love it)Favorite Podcast: The F PlusFavorite Band: Green DayFavorite Water Bottle Brand: Takeya, I can’t stop collecting these dang things, someone help